SILT Fences

SILT Fences

Keeping Waters Pristine
Our silt fences are essential tools on construction sites. These temporary sediment control wonders protect nearby streams, rivers, lakes, and seas from stormwater runoff carrying loose soil. They're part of a larger erosion control strategy, working alongside sediment basins and traps.

Why Choose Our Silt Fences?

Efficiency: Our silt fences are efficient, swiftly installed, and budget-friendly. They get the job done without breaking the bank. How They Work

Ingenious Design: Our filter fences feature high-quality filter fabric stretched between sturdy wooden or metal fence stakes. The stakes are strategically placed on the downhill side, while the fabric can be trenched into the soil and backfilled uphill. This design creates runoff pooling for effective sedimentation.

Water-Friendly: While our silt fences block fine soil particles, they allow water to seep through, maintaining water quality.