Where Technology Meets Packaging
We're at the forefront of technology-driven advancements in woven polypropylene bags. Our expertise lies in the latest innovation for printing these bags, which goes beyond traditional methods. Instead of direct printing onto WPP rolls or bags, we utilize a cutting-edge Gravure process with BOPP film to achieve sharp, precise images.

These bags can be manufactured with both glossy and matte finishes, with glossy being the popular choice. DKT produces the fabric in a tubular form, allowing for film lamination on one or both sides, depending on your needs. Our skilled designers use specialized computer applications to create artwork, even accommodating photographic images. This distinctive look enhances the packaging experience compared to regular WPP bags.

Our Design, Manufacturing, and Service team possesses extensive knowledge and expertise, making these bags ideal for grains, pulses, corn, feeds, and more. We offer fully customized BOPP Laminated Polypropylene woven bags and sacks tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring your packaging stands out.

Salient Feature(S):

Plain or gusset, Top open or valve, bottom single or double fold stitched (Can be produced in many different sizes.
Water-resistant and moisture-proof due to laminated properties
Can be offered in Gusseted form
Double side printing can be offered – up to 8 colours
Durable and tear-resistant, seepage proof
Sewn with high quality multifilament white/coloured yarn
Available in a wide variety of design combinations / custom tailor-made designs
Customized dimensions, designs and colours according to needs
100% Environmental-friendly – Recyclable