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  Ethnographic Research  
  Our ethnographic research reveals that, end-user when approaches the market for any product, he takes virtually minutes to judge, with the varieties available. We believe that innovative packaging design, appealing graphics not only catches eye of the purchaser but also give value to all the effort our customers take while manufacturing their end product. Our products by virtue of their quality not only increase the value but also thump to bang the competitor’s product.We believe that in today’s world, show-cases at retail level and product are the battle zones where marques compete for end-users attention.  
  PP/HDPE WOVEN GUSSETED with(out) BOPP lamination
Technical Name: Polypropylene / bags Inside Laminated

PP Woven Gusset Bags have sides that expand; which allow to pack bulkier / large items. Generally, the fabric is obtained in circular form and thereafter by folding, an expandable pleat on both sides is formed and sewn through a seam to add breadth or reduce stress of bag on seams. The Gusseting of bags also improves the stacking ability. The seam of a gusseted bag eliminates bulging and protruding corners.

It provides complete protection and extended shelf life to the products packed within it.

We provide customization facility in terms of designs and colors. Gusseted bags create neat, squared bag ends.

It also gives plenty of expansion space for square, odd-size or bulky items that do not fit well in a flat bag.

We can also offer PP Woven Gusseted - BOPP Laminated Bags (single side / double side) which offers a distinct look, staking ability with option of clear gusset space (expandable pleats) to easily identify the material.
Usage: Sugar, Rice, Flour manufacturers and Food products, Grain merchants, Polymers in Granular form etc.
  Flexible and high strength
  BOPP Lamination can be offered
  Lamination can be offered based on requirements
  Strength - Can be enhanced by the inside 2-layer films, durable outer PP woven layer shows exceptional resistance strength against the breakage
  Hygienic - Safe to package food (grain or feed)
  • Design - Flat and rigid surface makes outstanding print quality possible
  100% environment friendly
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Material Polypropylene
Advisable for - Foodstuff, Pharmaceuticals and Drinking water by 
IS:10909 and FDA:CFR  title 21,177.1520
Bag Dimensions (Width) Width Offered – 12” to 49“
Bag Dimensions (Length) As per requirement
Mesh 9 x 9 to 14 x 14 - 16x16 (up to 21” only)
Denier 550 Denier to 1200 Denier
Weight 48 GSM to 100 GSM and above
Lamination 15 Micron to 23 Micron
Top Side of Bag Heat Cut – Plain / Zig-Zag Cutting
Cold Cutting
Bottom Side of Bag Single Fold / Double Fold (25 mm. Max)
Single stitch / Double Stitch
UV stabilization Offered on request
Printing Maximum 6 colors offered, with corona treated ink on plain bags
Printing can be offered in following combinations
6+0, 5+0, 4+0, 3+0, 2+0, 1+0, 5+1, 4+2, 3+3 Maximum 8 colors combinations offered if opted for BOPP Laminated bags
Strength We can match desired strength in warp & weft accordingly
Elongation As per your requirement.
Packing As per your requirement.
Fabric Colour White  / Natural / Checks Design / With Strips of different colors / as per your requirement
Maximum Printing Area 760 mm Six Colour Flexographic Printing
Gusseting Limitations Gusset Depth Range – 40 mm to 80 mm
Bag width range before Gusset – 500 mm to 650 mm
Bag width range after Gusset – 400 mm to 500 mm
Customization You communicate – STP makes it feasible
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