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  At STP we think from the perspective of being our customer, ourselves. A successful product manufactured also needs right packaging towards its entry to key success in market. We believe that all it starts with your products, to figure-up fame for your brand; it broadens appeal, digs out connections with end users and unties the abilities that turn your supply-chain towards avalue- chain. At STP, we not only cater supply demands but our development personnel also stake their experiences towards design requirements to manufacture sustainable materials. At STP our objective all over is to provide results.

Within this short span, no wonder we’re the preferred packaging provider for the world’s leading brands. They rely on our innovative designs and packaging experience to open up the possibilities for them and so we offer to you.
Technical Name: Polypropylene / bags Huck-a-back Weave, with High Anti Slip Properties

PP Bags or Sacks – (with Huck-a-back weave with High Anti Slip Properties) bags are considered to be one of the finest and sturdiest packaging bags, commonly used for outdoor applications; for storage of grains / food materials. We offer 100% custom designed polypropylene woven bags / sacks as per the desired specifications; with specific UV requirements.

Usage: To pack materials for grain, milling and sugar industry; mostly in the food, related requirements.
  Highly stable in open sun-light, UV stabilization provides stability while stored in broad sun-light for stipulated periods (Can be produced in many different sizes).
  Flexible and high strength
  Highly Anti-slip weaving provides better abilities to stake up to maximum heights
  Heat Cut or Hemmed top
  Strength - Can be enhanced by the providing Inner liner which provides exceptional resistance to moisture.
  Hygienic - Safe to package food (grain or feed)
  Design - Flat and rigid surface makes outstanding print quality possible
  100% Environmental-friendly – Recyclable
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Material Polypropylene
Advisable for - Foodstuff, Pharmaceuticals and Drinking water by 
IS:10909 and FDA:CFR  title 21,177.1520
Bag Dimensions (Width) Width Offered – 12” to 48“
Bag Dimensions (Length) As per requirement
Mesh 12 x 12 to 14 x 14
Denier 900 Denier to 1400 Denier
Weight 100 GSM and above
Lamination Offered on request (as per desired specifications)
Top Side of Bag Heat Cut – Plain,
Hemmed Edges
Bottom Side of Bag Single Fold / Double Fold (25 mm. Max)
Single stitch / Double Stitch
UV stabilization Offered on request (as per desired specifications)
Printing Maximum 6 colors offered, with corona treated ink Printing can be offered in following combinations
6+0, 5+0, 4+0, 3+0, 2+0, 1+0, 5+1, 4+2, 3+3, 2+3, 2+2, 2+1
Strength We can match desired strength in warp & weft accordingly
Elongation As per your requirement.
Packing As per your requirement.
Fabric Colour White  / Natural / Multi-Colour Design / With Strips of different colors / as per your requirement
Maximum Printing Area 760 mm. x 1300 mm.      Six Colour Flexographic Printing
Customization You communicate – STP makes it feasible
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