Shree Tirupati Polypack
Manufacturer of PP/HDPE Woven Products
"Success Has A Simple Formula; Do Your Best And People May Like It." Sam Ewing
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  Largest setup of manufacturing, all in-house facilities, parts us from small SSI owners. This helps us in fulfilling our commitments with desired quality standards, best results, on time deliveries and the last to maintain the consistency in quality.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified Manufacturer. Quality is never compromised. Apparatuses are purchased from reputed and renowned brands, which have collaborations from Austria and Germany to mention a few. These state-of-art machineries enable us to deliver quality products at the lower production costs.

We love to innovate and create exciting new ideas and share them with our valued customers so that they can develop packaging that pays back.
Joseph Addison, “Colours speak all languages”
We believe that, even the finest personality in world, face; language barriers;“OUR PRODUCT SHOULD NOT FACE THIS”
Believing on the theory of Joseph Addison, we always want our products to converse with our clients; to make them learn all the languages, we installed the most state-of-art machinery manufactured by: JP Industries, whick provides roll to roll printing in 6 colours with gusseting option. It is used for PP / HDPE laminated and un-laminated woven fabrics to obtain eye-catching sharpness in printing and end-results, for flexographic printing.
  The machine is vertical gusseting unit, with 6 ink rubber rolls which are of special design, which prevents splashing and scattering of ink at higher operating speeds. Constant tension of fabric and proper print registration is controlled by in-feed and out-feed driven nip roll system, which ensures that the fabric is neither elongated nor loosens between printing stations. Micrometric adjustment system ensures to have find pressure from Anilox roll to printing drum and from printing drum to end-product.
We have three colour manual printing machine also, which was indegeneously developed, with capabilities of 1.2 X 2 mtr. / impression maximum area.  
Sewing machines produced by Gabbar Engineering Co., are designed for heavy weight material sewing, i.e. HDPE / PP / multiwall paper and other sort of woven sacks. These bobinless stitching machines are used with synthetic yarn and plastic tapes, with facility to manually / automatically maintain distances between two stitching lines.
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