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"Success Has A Simple Formula; Do Your Best And People May Like It." Sam Ewing
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  In STP, inventive thinking becomes simulated design, which not only gives a concrete ground to your product in terms of packaging but also gives unique identity to your brand amongst others.

Following PDCA, and QMS we understand that need for training, modern know-how’s for design, leading technologies and materials are fundamental contributorsof our team. Our officials keep on diving in the web-world for fairs and trainings to adopt new technologies enable us to distinguish ourselves and our yields to strive and deliver our best to global brands.At times of pilot lot, team of our innovation center, works closely to monitor the expected outputs, learn everything, about the customer requirements significant to the product.

The outcome all the times is superior packaging solution that builds brand equity and lasting consumer loyalty.
  List of Plant Machinery
  Tape Stretching Line & Cheese Winders
Our extrusion line 90/1300 mm., manufactured by JP Industries, gives 350 kg./hr. of PP and 280 kg./hr. of HDPE output, followed by, 228 Cheese winders.
Earlier to 1984, blown film technology was used by sacks making industries, which was having capacity to covert HDPE using blown film technology, with 35~50 kg. / hr. output. Many sack-manufacturers slowly switched from blown film line to flat film line technology introduced by JP Industries, using coat hanger die / turn bar system as a conversion kit to replace old technology to new flat film. This innovation doubled the production and it was capable to run PP/HDPEraw materials.

Our extrusion line, introduced in the market by JP Industries, is the latest technology, like a blessing for the woven sack manufacturers. It is flat film line technology machine. This high-tech plant has capacities to manufacture bulk-bags up to 3000 kg.
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