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  PE Liners - PP Woven Sacks
STP caters a wide range of industries who opt for PP Woven Sacks with PE Liners. It’s widely used by the industries who need protection of their product against moisture; viz. Sugar, Fine Powders, Granulated Chemicals, Detergent Powders, Malt, Fertilizers, Master Batches, Resins, Urea, Minerals, Salt, Feeds & Flour industries to name a few… Line plays its significant role towards protection of stuffed products from any sorta seepage / pilferage.

Having our own in-house plant for manufacturing PE Liners; we can offer it in different microns and sizes according to the need / specifications of our valued patrons. The basic raw material for manufacturing is LDPE / LLDPE which has higher flexural strength; thus provides complete protection towards safety of product from moisture as well seepage. We can offer the liners in any size, colour or microns.

Being used with the PP Woven Sacks; these liners are inserted into the bags; according to various company standards. Few want them to be loose inserted, sugar companies often want them to be hemmed with mouth, and few companies want liners to be stitched with bottom of the bag; while leaving the liner fraying outside from the bag; say around 3 cms. Apart from it; we can offer gusseted liners as well for Gusseted PP Woven Sacks.

Our DMS team shall be happy to assist you; to advise correct microns / gauge for different utilities.
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