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Manufacturer of PP Woven Products
"Success Has A Simple Formula; Do Your Best And People May Like It." Sam Ewing
  Ethnographic research and benefits earned
Our ethnographic research reveals that, end-user when approaches to market for any product, he takes virtually minutes to judge, with the varieties available. We believe that innovative packaging design, appealing graphics not only catches eye of the purchaser but also give value to all the effort our customers take while manufacturing their end product. Our products by pros of their quality not only increase the value but also thump to bang the competitor’s product. We believe that in today’s world, show-cases at retail level and product are the battle zones where marques compete for end-users attention.
  PE Liners - Waste Disposal Bags Garbage Bags
No matter how tough the job, STP trash bags can handle it. From regular household trash to big backyard clean-ups, discover a variety of trash bag sizes and types that can take whatever you throw within them.

Black Trash Bags generally required in 33" x 39" are flexible, stronger and puncture resistant than high density trash bags. Made from reprocessed low-density polyethylene, these garbage bags are made from resins that are highly resistant to puncturing and tearing, so they can be used with heavy trash that has sharp or irregular objects. It’s made from reprocessed, recycled plastics and have a durable reinforced gusseted bottom seal.
  Fruits and vegetables
  Meat, poultry, and seafood
  Eggshells, rice, beans, cheese
  Waxed cardboard products (ex. Take-out boxes)
  Frozen/refrigerated food boxes (ex. frozen pizza, frozen dinners)
  Napkins, paper towels, paper plates
  Milk cartons, tea bags, coffee grounds and filters
  Parchment and waxed papers
  Plants and flowers
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  Inorganic Waste Bags Mostly Used for
Inorganic waste is most often created by home renovations, building sites and industry.

The majority of inorganic waste can be recycled due to the fact it is processed material, alike glass, plastics and metal can be recycled.

We are manufacturers & suppliers of Bio-Hazard Bag made from prime grade or 100% virgin & recyclable material.
 LDPE and HDPE Material.
 Available in various sizes, thickness and colours.
 Printing can be done in Flexo graphic.
 It is biodegradable in nature.
 Available in single flat bag only.
  LLDPE, PE Liners, Mostly used for
Protection Layer from moisture in PP Woven Sacks;
Within bags manufactured for Sugar, Granulated Urea and Chemicals to name a few…
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