Shree Tirupati Polypack
Manufacturer of PP/HDPE Woven Products
"Success Has A Simple Formula; Do Your Best And People May Like It." Sam Ewing
  About STP  
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  STP is aware of, that the business assignment with giants is always own two things; A great merchandise and profitable bottom line. We do care about, if you have more than one manufacturing plant and centralized purchasing point. STP’s while working together to your solutions can enter into countrywide and beyond supply agreement depending upon the locations to be served.  
  About STP
We pompously present “STP” the marque, one amongst the India’s most reputable suppliers, whom has set its success story over the years, in packaging industry. Here, we also truly appreciate the support we have received from our cherished customers. Adjectives often used, are crucial terms for our band, cause “SUSTAINABILITY”, is vital term and we believe; that, it has ensured our initiative to cast an optimistic impact on our stakeholders. Achievements through the years followed by, contributed their charm towards STP’s sustainable growth and development of its business objectives, as a marque of PP/HDPE Woven Fabrics, PP Woven Sacks, PE Liners and Garbage Bags manufacturer which now have received appreciation and acknowledgement globally.

Thus business with STP isn’t just about buying HDPE/PP Woven products. It’s about building an affiliation with an esteemed organization’s team, which owns plastic engineering knowledge, for which; in turn we care to build trust and add value to your business and vigorously contribute towards your success in the market.

Here, whether you are looking for conventional shipping containers, tailor made packaging or eye-catching printing, STP cater the right solutions on time, every time and on reasonable prices. We take all the opportunities and crises of our customers as a daily-routine to digest up the confronts.

At STP our people are open to ears and are gentle at posing questions; as they have to provide solutions for them, with all the best possibilities. We realize that this key offering is what we call, an added value compared to others for repeat business. It gives us the opportunity to learn about your business, and add a star to STP’s shoulder. So don’t be surprised if we co-operate more than you’re used to, or engage you in conversations that go beyond denier and GSM or mesh size. It’s all about understanding customer requirements and fulfilling them well across their expectations all the times.

At STP, you’ll discover the finest individuals in the industry operating in a “standard” culture. We vigorously encourage; reciprocally rewarding relationships, with each other and our customers by supporting respect for every individual, principled and fair practice and the highest standards in what we say and do. STP is proud to have skilled and knowledgeable team leading the tactics. Though we are yet, to be counted amongst Giants of this field, we believe in the principle that: “Distillate on Quality, Quantity will sure follow STP way in coming years”.

STP is though very young, but is very appreciated in the market and has an impressive customer portfolio. The highly qualified personnel and the technical qualification have facilitated this rapid ascension and the possibility of earning the trust of our most demanding customers.

The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has its own testing laboratory. Besides we always try to offer our customers the right product for the right money, our policy is to offer complete services, starting from consultancy and ending with the delivery of the goods.
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